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Planting Ideas have a series of tailored lessons to inspire children and motivate a lifelong interest in plant science.

All lessons include an introductory section covering the evolution of plants on planet Earth. Learn how plants once ruled the Earth and even tried to make the dinosaurs extinct with a series of dirty tricks!

Soil Safari

Delve into the fascinating world of soil and learn how this precious resource helps put food in your lunchbox. You’ll never want to squash a worm again once you find out how amazing these wriggly wonders are!

Plants from Pips

Discover how a seed is a packed lunch for the next generation of plants. Find out what a seed contains and learn how the goodies packed inside makes the plant grow, from a delicate snowdrop to the mightiest oak!

The Food Factory

Leaves truly are the engine driving all life on planet Earth. Every breath we take is fed by the complicated process of photosynthesis, which scientists strive to replicate. Investigate how leaves use the most basic ingredients to manufacture something truly magical and life giving.

As we move through the seasons each year we will add new lessons to complement and meet our and the SESE learning objectives. Watch this space!


We had the pleasure of delivering our Soil Safari workshop to an amazing bunch of girls from the Buion Caithriona Girl Guides in Tallaght yesterday! What a great bunch of girls with amazing knowledge! ...

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Hope you're all settling back into the school routine. We are now taking bookings from schools to deliver our fantastic workshops - 1st - 6th class countrywide! Get in touch for more details 🍁 ...

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Great end to our Summer Camp week! We did lots of cooking.....homemade lemonade and crisps followed by Blueberry Cheesecake! Thanks to the super gardeners who helped make the camp so much fun 🌸 ...

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Crazy Cress Heads ...

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Busy bees building a 5 star bug Hotel ...

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